Shaghati' Events Schedules

17/06/2012 16:00

Battle for Millwall (1993/94): communities' struggle against racism and the far right -

Sunday 17 June 2012, 4 / 7pm, Alpha Grove Community Centre, Alpha Grove, Isle of Dogs, London, E14 8LH. Speakers: Mick Connolly (former TUC regional secretary), Nasir uddin (Naz - joint convener of Youth Connection in the early 1990s), Eve Hostettler (curator of the Island History Trust and author of several books about the Isle of Dogs), Kumar Murshid (previous chair of Tower Hamlets Anti Racist Committee and veteran anti-racist campaigner).




Bengali Poetry Festival 2012, London


2nd September 2012 @  12 Noon to 9pm


Rally starts at 11.30am from Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel Road to Brady Arts & COmmunity Centre

Main Programme starts at 2.00pm at Brady Arts & Communtiy Centre